Check out our 2022 crochet along series: "SHAWL WE CROCHET". We'll dive into a new shawl crochet project each month! We're all about planning ahead and this will be a great way to get you ready for any occasion coming up this year.

Hey there! Join me on my "Crochet and Conversations" adventures.

I've rekindled my love of crochet and thought this would be a great way to create an opening to some cool conversations with all kinds of people.

Every week, you'll come with me on a new Stitch Session journey as I mix in a few tutorials with some in depth conversations on life, crochet and everything in between. (So pretty much everything and anything;) Here guests are free to really get deep and express themselves.

I'm excited to get crocheting and chatting with my guests. You just never know who will agree to sit down and Stitch with me and I'm super glad you're tagging along for the adventure!
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Why Learn to Crochet with Us

Very beginner friendly!

Gentlemen and Ladies are welcome!

Have a blast chatting & crocheting

Learn new stitches